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The right mix of technology can help boost business productivity and assist in reaching your business goals. Upgrading your current infrastructure to meet modern requirements can help you utilize cloud-based platforms and venture into new opportunities.


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ParagonIT’s Hardware and Software Procurement

Empower your business with the right mix of hardware and software. ParagonIT offers you expertise, insight, and sources to fit your requirement. With our intervention, you ensure that your company does not spend on uncoordinated purchases or that a vendor would overprice the items. You are guaranteed that the hardware and software solutions you get are that which is analyzed and curated by us to suit your specific needs and as a result of that, you are not at the risk of incurring risk costs based on mismatched providers.


ParagonIT partners with globally recognized IT vendors and distributors, allowing us to provide you with partner deals on hardware and software purchases. Our team of consultants and support staff is trained and certified in all our partner technology, giving you access to expert advice and lifecycle management.  

Hardware Services We Offer

Our service portfolio creates an all-encompassing end-to-end solution on account of our work with several leading vendors and distributors. After the initial consultation where we analyze and identify the requirement together with the client, we derive a quote from our registered suppliers. With our recommendation and suggestions, the client then approves of the quote and we purchase it. From consultation to configuration and installation, we ensure that our clients are satisfied with the final service offering.


High-performance businesses recognize their ICT environment must be a strategic asset that provides a competitive advantage.


Our engineers are highly accredited to recognized industry standards. The combined knowledge of our team ensures the solution meets your requirements and integrates successfully into your existing environment.

Desktop Roll-out

We manage the full rollout process for you from the build, testing, on-site deployment, integration and handover. Our highly trained team of engineers have a wealth of collective experience to ensure the smooth rollout of your solution.


Software Services We Offer

Years of experience and expertise in the field allows us to offer you the support you need in setting up the right software. We start with a software asset management audit that lets us gather data, analyze usage reports and automate licensing operations. Once we give our recommendations, we carry out the installation and you’re ready to go. We continue to manage your software renewals and audit requests from vendors to ensure that you’re compliant.


Some of our main software partners include:

Office 365

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An all-rounder that helps you create, connect and collaborate in your office, Microsoft 365 is your office’s software superpower. 


With it, your task force can get creative on Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and more. As with any cloud-based application, we know that clients are concerned about the security of the data stored in the cloud. As a trusted advisor, we support our clients in making the right decision via a range of advanced features that are available to us as partners of Microsoft 365 such as Microsoft Trust Center, Security Analytics Service, Azure Active Directory Connect as well as Azure Rights Management that uses encryption, identity and authorization policies to secure files and email across phones, tablets and PCs.

Veeam Backup Solutions


The main purpose of backing up (creating a copy) data is to to be able to recover it if something goes wrong such as data corruption, hardware or software failure, malicious attack, man-made errors or natural disasters that might affect a business. 


Veeam supports your business by managing and protecting data for all workloads whether it is virtual, cloud-based or physical. It functions to backup and replicate data, orchestrates (tests recovery plans), monitor and analyze data across any app and mitigates risk.

Offsite Backup and Cloud Software 


Our backup and cloud software solutions give you added convenience and ease-of-mind when it comes to the protection of data. Without one, a power surge or hardware failure could result in your organization losing an entire day’s work of all your employees. Our services go beyond making backup and cloud software options available for you, but to understand and analyze your requirement and make recommendations based on it to fit your business.