Hybrid IT Improves Business and User Productivity

Hybrid IT services are a mix of cloud, on-site and remote processes that allow you to sustain a diverse workload. Aligning your business with various cloud-based services will allow employees and customers to access a wide range of your applications and services, anytime, anywhere. This will help you capitalize on your digital business strategy by enhancing user productivity.


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ParagonIT Hybrid IT Services

ParagonIT provides you with customizable hybrid IT packages, allowing you to choose from a variety of cloud and on-site solutions. We help integrate hybrid architectures into your business strategy and securely migrate workloads to encrypted cloud-based platforms. Our IT security solutions will help bolster your defense across your cloud platforms and data centers.


We help empower your organization through efficient and effective Hybrid IT services. Our team is certified and trained in multiple software and cloud solutions. We provide IT support for all your hybrid infrastructures and give you a personal IT team that monitors and manages your hybrid IT.

Services We Offer in Hybrid IT Management

Hybrid IT solutions are a combination of an on-premise and public or private cloud that businesses consider when assessing business continuity, scalability, and innovation. Rather than spending unnecessarily or establishing complicated infrastructure, organizations move towards launching a Hybrid IT infrastructure that enables flexibility, cost savings and added security. If speed is a key factor that determines success in your business, we recommend establishing Hybrid IT services due to increased connectivity and automated processes.


Our service begins with the consultation, narrates throughout to deployment of the structure, overseeing monthly billing or subscription-based licensing to after-service support that guarantees efficiency throughout the product life-cycle.

Azure Managed Services

Microsoft Azure is a powerful combination of cloud infrastructure resources that enable you to configure, deploy, scale and manage applications across a global network of data centers. While the solution benefits your purpose with massive horsepower, scalability, and flexibility, it is also detailed and complex. That is why we step into deciphering it, offer suggestions about the right combination that fits your need and set it up on your behalf.  If you’re making the investment to dive into Azure, it is useful for you to work with experts who can help you get the most out of it.

Cloud Back Up and Disaster Recovery

Backing up or keeping a copy of all your data is crucial in the event that the organization faces a situation in which it loses or damages data such as a natural disaster, data corruption, hardware malfunction or even human error. Usually, companies opt for a combination of on-site and off-site (cloud) data backups to ensure additional levels of security. With cloud backup, your data is accessible from anywhere at any time. The process can be automated so that your team can focus on more important aspects of your business.

While cloud backup store data, disaster recovery tech systems offer protection against natural and manmade disasters. Our service begins with the initial consultation where we analyze clients’ requirement and go over limitations, budgets and the environment in which it operates to design the solution. By partnering with Veeam, we offer a pay-as-you-go model that has unlimited storage capacity.

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Managed Office 365

Empower your workforce to create, collaborate and connect. With Microsoft Office 365, you enable your employees to work productively and efficiently. Depending on your requirement, we offer suggestions that allow you to implement it across your business. In achieving a hybrid IT environment, the exchange server is managed by Microsoft in the cloud and while active directory (domain servers), physical application servers, backup servers are in the on-premise server.