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Project Professional Service

Project Management is as much a way of thinking as it is an approach that can be applied to any initiative large or small that has a certain timeframe and fixed cost, in order to meet specific objectives. The Latin word projectum means, “to throw something forward.” Project Management is all about making things happen and move forward on time! By using project management principles and practices thousands of dollars can be saved on projects. It can dramatically accelerate the introduction of beneficial change, and greatly increase the satisfaction of everyone involved, alleviating enormous frustration usually caused when rolling out new services and solutions. Our  Project services, developed over the years, is based on a recognized methodology, offering a common consistent approach to managing your projects in a controlled and organised method from start, middle to end. Regular project reviews and good communication channels is a key success factor in our engagement, enabling project visibility and transparency. We understand the imperative to drive successful ICT engagements in a project based relationship between your team and ours. Whatever solution provided we apply project management. Either a dedicated Project Manager or a Lead Technician will oversee the entire project from inception to closure. Your Project Manager will manage the entire project and be your primary contact point. By having an assigned project manager who is across all the facets of your project and having clearly communicated project reviews and milestones, we are able to keep you and your team in the loop, as to the progress of your project and involve you in decisions, when needed, to move the project forward to successful closure. Our Project services have been responsible for the successful execution across many projects, large and small for our clients. Our team has had extensive experience in rolling out infrastructure solutions in conjunction with coordinating client personnel and independent contractors, where required. With a successful project portfolio, we have the project management experience to drive your project to success!