Roll Out

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Roll Out Professional Service

The rollout is the last and most important step in ensuring your new solution integrates reliably into your ICT environment. We can manage the full rollout process for you from the build, testing, on-site deployment, integration, and handover or we can use a teaming approach combining the best of your team’s strengths with ours. Using an agreed Scope of Works, usually developed using our Consult and Design services, is the basis from which the rollout is executed to ensure we deliver the solution as planned. The Scope of Works becomes our “guiding light” throughout the course of the rollout to guide our team through the build, test and deploy phases ensuring the solution is delivered according to the design. We have a pool of engineers and contractors that are highly skilled across a wide variety of technologies that are well trained and competent, all of whom deliver successful rollouts to our methodology, as outlined below:Build: Once a design and scope of works have been agreed, a rollout team is formed. A clear project build plan is developed with tasks, responsibilities, and timelines. This is then built and documented. Test: Testing is done to simulate test case scenarios to minimize any hidden surprises we might encounter prior to deployment. During this phase, a pilot environment for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is set up to determine end user experience, ensuring the design and build works and the business is ready for the deployment phase. Deploy: Working closely with your team, we deploy your solution into your existing environment. Rollout support is given to your team and the end users (when required), issues are tracked and managed. Documentation is completed and knowledge transfer takes place. Complete:  A debrief is held to review the project, to ensure all actions and issues are have been completed to your satisfaction. Both parties sign off the rollout as complete and the solution is handed over to you.