Why Choose ParagonIT?

Having a Technology Emergency?

Why Choose Us

Paragon IT was established in 2004  to achieve the true power of collaboration. We join your work force in strength and capacity to reach the finish line faster. Together, we can do incredible feats. 


Even with IT evolving rapidly, we are able to help your organisation keep up. We cut through the jargon of the IT world and offer you simple solutions that make working easier for your people and give you the freedom to face operational and growth challenges head on without worrying about IT infrastructure. 

Our Company Values

 Experience You Can Trust Your Business With

When you deal with us you get a Consultant rather than a Reseller. A consultant has to be the company (vendor) independent to provide the customer with a solution that suits his environment and be the trusted advisor when it comes to IT.

Personalised IT

While dealing with us look at the total package that you get as we do not believe in just selling products but provide a complete package of technology consulting, product evaluation services, product supply, and implementation, training, and post-sales support.  

We Treat You and Your Business with Respect 

We value our customers and their time. Our emphasis is to strike a partnership with the customer where the customer takes care of his core business and we take care of his IT infrastructure.

Whether you are a small or medium enterprise customer with dispersed nationwide networks, we understand that you require a high level of support at both pre-sales and post-sales levels which you can access through our certified engineers. You can be assured of quality.